Last memory woes

My mother has a knack for bad timing and irrational rage over the silliest things. I was sitting in a meeting at work, doodling cartoon faces on my notepad while the person presenting, who I do not remember, went on and on about who knows what when the text flashed across my  iPhone.

“Did you get my request?”

I glanced down at the note and clicked it off thinking I can respond to her at lunch. I had no idea what she was talking about and since she just sent a text it couldn’t be that urgent. That’s when my phone started to vibrate the same time I was called on to answer a question for the group.  I declined the call hoping there wasn’t an emergency and went with the rest of the meeting.

Arriving at my desk I saw I had three missed calls and a voice mail waiting. Oh shit, there is something wrong, I should have excused myself and took my mom’s call. I bypassed the messages and called my mom directly praying she wasn’t stuck somewhere with a flat tire or no money.

“Mom, what’s up? Everything okay?”

“No Tracy, it is not, why haven’t you answered me?”

“I was in a meeting, I’m sorry…”

“I needed your help, I can’t believe you blew off my call.  Forget it, your brother and sister helped me it doesn’t matter.”

“Mom, what did you need?”

“Nothing, I have to go.” Click, dial tone.

Great, what is going?  I need to listen to those voice mails to see if they can help me rectify the damage I caused.  I immediately dial one and listen intently.

“Tracy, I need you to log into Facebook and send me a new life on Candy Crush. I’m stuck on level 187 but think I have figured out how to break it. I have already spent $10 on more lives and don’t want to spend more than that.  Please send it ASAP.  Love you, Mom”

What? Candy Crush? She’s pissed at me over not sending her a life on Candy Crush?



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